Nevis is a small island in the Caribbean. It is one of the two countries forming the St. Kitts/Nevis Federation. Nevis is an independent active member of the British Commonwealth. The island is a mere 36 sq. miles, with a population of approximately 11,000 inhabitants.

Like other countries of the Caribbean, Nevis has a warm tropical climate year round . The island is slightly rugged with a coastline of pristine beaches.


Though a twin member of the federation, Nevis is a unique island with its own unicameral parliamentary representative democratic government, and as such has substantial self-rule in its legislative branch. The island's representative for the crown is the deputy governor general. The constitution of Nevis allows for the island to make and write its own laws. Local elections are held every five (5) years. Political parties contest the general elections for the opportunity to form the government.


The judicial system, which is based on British Common Law and statutory acts of the House of Assembly, is managed by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. This judiciary has a reputation for independence and integrity.


The international airport serving the federation is located on St. Kitts and several major airlines including Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, Air France and others have regular scheduled flights into St. Kitts. Connection into Nevis can be made via plane such as regional carriers LIAT, Winair and American Eagle or ferry services. Modern and up to date communications facilities are in place and internet, telephone, telex and telefax communications facilities are readily available. Mobile services are provided by three main carriers.

Electricity output varies with the location and can be either 220v or 110v.

Business and the Economy

Nevis economic growth depends heavily on both tourism and manufacturing. Since the island has engaged in business of offshore business services, it has written specific legislation (independent to that of St. Kitts) for Nevis LLC and Nevis Foundations. The island now seeks to place emphasis on its offshore services. Since the Nevis LLC introduction in 1995, it has shown much potential for success and its popularity and favorability continues to grow in the offshore sector.

Nevis is a considered a new and emerging tax haven.

Nevis imposes a zero tax policy on all offshore entities. There are no current double tax agreements which will affect the Nevis corporations. There is no exchange control or restrictions placed on offshore companies or entities established and registered in Nevis.

Nevis legislation protects the confidentiality of its investors through the Confidential Relationship Act which is a key piece of legislation finding favor with many. Under this act those privy to investor information are forbidden to disclose any information of clients or face stiff penalties including imprisonment. Nevis is considered a very well regulated offshore financial services centre which includes the registration of Nevis corporations and Nevis Founadations.